Features high-quality Italian springs and leather pads and a wood composite body for enhanced tone and durability.

  • High Quality Composite Body 
  • Silver Plated Keys 
  • Italian Springs 
  • Leather Pads 
  • Case included

With a high quality composite body and Silver plated keys, the Beale CL200 Clarinet features high end appointments in an instrument any player can obtain.

The Beale CL200 is designed for exceptional performance and durability. The CL200’s Silver plated keys have a fantastic playing action and its high quality Italian springs and leather pads help you play with accuracy and effortlessly.

The Beale CL200 Clarinet also includes a lightweight case helping to protect your prized instrument, a reed holder, pull through cleaner and cork grease to ensure your Clarinet is maintained in the best possible condition.



•High Quality Composite Body •Silver Plated Keys •Italian Springs •Leather Pads • Case included



•Pull Through Cleaner •Cork Grease •Reed holder

  • 37cm
  • 14cm
  • 24cm
  • 3kg
UPC/EAN. 9356790028122