A part of Australian History since 1893

A story of Australian commitment to industry, achievement and excellence which dates back to humble beginnings in the last part of the 19th century, the Beale story is an inspiration to all.

Founded in 1893 by Octavius Charles Beale, the building that housed the factory at 47 Trafalgar Street, Annandale still stands today, testimony to the strength of the thriving Australian piano industry of the day. Indeed Beale and Company rose to be the largest piano manufacturer in the British Empire, producing some 95,000 pianos from 1893 to 1975.

The French music critic Oscar Comettant, visiting Australia in 1898 commented that:

“… there is probably no piano factory in the world so completely self-contained as the Beale factory at Annandale, NSW. Certainly there is none in the British Empire that produces nearly so many parts used in piano making …”

Beale set out to manufacture every element of his pianos. The range of trades he incorporated into the factory is astonishing: brass and iron foundries – ‘incorporated into only one other piano factory in the world’; power houses; timber yards, stores, mills, joinery works, cabinet departments, veneer works; paint and pattern shops, machine and electro-plating departments; keyboard action-making and fitting, tuning, intonating; drying kilns, dust-proof polishing rooms and experimental laboratories.

Perfecting Pianos for Over 50 Years

“We have been designing, building and continuously perfecting fine pianos for over fifty years”

Every detail of Beale’s pianos have been carefully chosen, right down to the ownership of the forests from which the hardwoods are harvested, dried processed and finished with. The key elements in the piano are either produced or owned by Beale’s manufacturers and therefore they can ensure their pianos are assembled and created with quality.


Beale's Sand Cast plates are heavier and a different molecular structure than most pianos. Heavier plates allow for a pure rich tone.


All Keys on Beale's pianos are made of triple laminated spruce which eliminates sticking, enhances strength and promotes long-lasting durability.


Beale uses solid copper wires to wrap bass strings in order to provide a beautiful bass tone. These strings deliver a consistent full, rich tone quality.


The finest quality chromium plated, thread cut is used to provide more precision and control to , allowing for a better and longer lasting tuning.


Every cabinet is poised to a smooth, deep, consistent finish, you'll find all side and bottom panels have also been finished.


Beale use a Siberian Hybrid vertical-grain Spruce that resists cracks while maintaining a rich, beautiful, warm tone.


Beale hammers are made of premium quality and virgin wool hammer felt. It is designed for a full range of expression while still maintaining its durability.


Tried and true state of the art materials are used in the construction of all our piano actions. European action is also available on specified grand pianos.